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Ray, Michigan, United States

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Jim & Gina Muszynski

Pony Up Game!  was created by Jim and Gina Muszynski in the winter of 2017.

Jim, a Fire Fighter, and Gina, a Parks & Recreation Supervisor, reside in northern Macomb County in their home state of Michigan. Under their blessed roof also resides their daughter Jamie, Gina's mother Angela and Jim's father Norm. 

In the age of cell phones, computers, and internet television, Jim and Gina make sure their family spends quality time together which includes a home-cooked dinner most every night and eaten together at their kitchen table. Game night also keeps their family connected. Cards, board games, and charades are staples at the Muszynski house.

In addition to their usual games, they started to play a version of “that horse-race game” (as they once referred to it) they discovered while visiting family in St. Louis, Missouri. Playing the game proved to be so much fun that they started bringing it out for get-together nights with friends, playing on the home-made version they created out of a piece of wood and hand-painted by Gina. Friends who played asked, “where can we get one”? In response, Jim and Gina decided to make more of their “horse-racing game” just for their friends at first, assembling each game by hand. Word spread around town, and the demand for the game has grown.  And now, they’ve decided to share their game, with you. The newly branded Pony Up Game! is still assembled in their workshop and is available in two different styles. Order yours today! They hope you enjoy it as much as they do.